Racial Classification & Discrimination

Jews vs. Non-Jews = Return vs. Forced Refugee = Nationality vs. Citizenship or Stateless

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    This section is outlining one of three key ‘inhuman acts’ designed to divide the people as described under the Apartheid Convention: the discrimination based on race that leads to privilege for Jews, and denial of rights for non-Jews.  Various politicians, scholars, lawyers, journalists, artists, and organizations have continually warned from the exacerbation of the Israeli discriminatory policies. This section represents a collection that include pieces on the Nation-State Law, the Law of Return, Entry Law and Citizenship and Entry Law among other issues.

    Scholarly Research

    UN Reports

    Concluding observations on the combined seventeenth to nineteenth reports of Israel – CERD/C/ISR/CO/17-19

    "[T]he Committee draws the State party’s attention to its general recommendation 19 (1995) concerning the prevention, prohibition and eradication of all policies and practices of racial segregation and apartheid, and urges the State party to give full effect to article 3 of the Convention to eradicate all forms of segregation between Jewish and non-Jewish communities and any such policies or practices which severely and disproportionately...
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    Concluding observations on the combined fourteenth to sixteenth reports of Israel – CERD/C/ISR/CO/14-16

    "The Committee is greatly concerned at the State party’s policy of ‘demographic balance’, which has been a stated aim of official municipal planning documents, particularly in the city of Jerusalem (arts. 2, 3 and 5 of the Convention).“
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    Concluding observations on the thirteenth report of Israel – CERD/C/ISR/CO/13

    "Deeply concerned that the severe restrictions on the freedom of movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, targeting a particular national or ethnic group, especially through the wall, checkpoints, restricted roads and permit system, have created hardship and have had a highly detrimental impact on the enjoyment of human rights by Palestinians, in particular their rights to freedom of movement, family life, work, education and health."
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    NGO Reports

    Confirming Evidence that Israeli Regime is in-fact an Apartheid Regime

    The Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel

    The definition of Israel as "the Jewish State" or "the State of the Jewish People" makes inequality a practical, political and ideological reality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are marginalized and discriminated against by the state on the basis of their national belonging and religious affiliation as non-Jews. Additionally, the Palestinian minority is not declared as a national minority under the Basic Laws of Israel. Hence, they are frequently and increasingly viewed as a "fifth column" as a result of their Palestinian identity. This perception is inclusive of the state authorities and the Jewish Israeli public.
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    Israel Entrenches its Apartheid Regime over the Palestinian People

    The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, Michael Lynk, has warned that the recently-announced US plan "is not a recipe for a just and durable peace but rather endorses the creation of a 21st century Bantustan in the Middle East" consisting of "scattered archipelagos of non-contiguous territory completely surrounded by Israel." Yet, a number of third States have welcomed the plan announced by the US administration, gravely defying the rules-based international order and their own obligations not to recognise the breaches of international law, and to cooperate to bring such...
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    Joint Parallel Report to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Israel’s Seventeenth to Nineteenth Periodic Reports

    “Israel has created an institutionalised regime of racial domination and oppression over the Palestinian people as a whole, using the strategic fragmentation of the indigenous Palestinian people and of the oPt as a main tool for the maintenance of its apartheid regime, which predates its ratification of ICERD and is rooted in the foundational laws of the State of Israel, its discriminatory policies and practices.”
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    Israeli Apartheid News

    “Slapping Israeli Apartheid – the sentencing of Yifat Doron” – Jonathan Ofir, Mondoweiss

    A young Palestinian slaps a soldier, and a young Israeli slaps a Lieutenant. The persecution processes were different – a clear evidence of apartheid.
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    “Israel’s Refusal to Test Its Arab Population for COVID-19 Is a Ticking Time-Bomb” – Dr. Nihaya Daoud, Haaretz

    Israel is not treating its citizens as equal but rather privilege based on race. But using privilege to also test for COVID-19: a basic right and need during this global health crisis is a grave breach of humanity and a clear ‘inhuman act’ of an apartheid regime.
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    “The Zionist Colonization of Palestine” – Truth Dig

    The 100-year-old colonial occupation project is about rendering of the Palestinians as non-people, writing them out of the historical narrative as if they never existed and denying them basic human rights. The colonial project which also became an apartheid that surpasses the onetime savagery and racism of apartheid South Africa. Its democracy was always exclusively...
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