Chronicles of Apartheid

Apartheid News & Quotes

  • “I don’t think that there’s anyone in this country, whatever his or her views might be, that can imagine that I would be taking a vaccine from the Israeli citizen, and, with all the goodwill, give it to our neighbors”

    Yuli Edelstein - Israeli Health Minister, January 2021
  • “Israel is the only member of the UN that enshrines its racism in law.”

    Avi Shlaim - British-Israeli historian at Oxford University, March 2021
  • “the ‘state’ of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, and therefore only the Jewish people can enjoy their national rights

    Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli Prime Minister, December 2020
  • “What’s so horrifying about understanding that the whole Palestinian people are our enemy?”

    Ayelet Shaked - former Minister of Justice, 2019
  • “What is being done against the Palestinian people seems to me to be a version of the hideous policy of apartheid”

    Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann - former President of the UN General Assembly, November 2008
  • Palestinian citizens of Israel are a “Time bomb, an existential threat like cancer, and fifth column”

    Effi Eitam - former Israeli Minister of Housing, March 2002
  • “Israel isn’t a state of all its citizens… Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people – and it alone.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli Prime Minister
  • “6,231 targets were destroyed… parts of Gaza were sent back to the Stone Age”

    Benny Gantz - former Defense Minister of Israel
  • “Those who are against us deserve to have their heads chopped off with an axe”

    Avigdor Leiberman - former Defense Minister of Israel
  • “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life – there’s no problem with that”

    Naftali Bennett - former Defense Minister of Israel

Apartheid News

For Years, Israel’s Leaders Have Cultivated Ethnic Hatred. This Is on Them – by Dahlia Scheindlin, Newsweek

Jewish-Israelis and Palestinian citizens of Israel have inflicted and received violence over the last 48 hours. Dahlia Scheindlin a political strategist and a policy fellow of The Century Foundation, describes how “lynch mobs are roaming the streets just a few kilometres from [her] house, chanting ‘Death to Arabs”. The significance of this violence clearly extends...
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Colonial Realities: From Sheikh Jarrah to Lydda – by Nimer Sultany, Mondoweiss

Escalating violence against Palestinians has spilled beyond Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip and extended to cities across Israel such as Bat Yam, Lydda/Lod, Acre/Akka, Tiberius and Jaffa.  Hundreds of Israeli extremists led by Kahanists and the Lahava organizations attacked Palestinian citizens of Israel on Wednesday, and in Lydda/Lod, Palestinian citizens responded to these provocations with violence. These...
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Jerusalem to Gaza, Israeli Authorities Reassert Domination – by Omar Shakir, Human Rights Watch

As Israel’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip gathers pace, it is worthwhile to refer to the various different forms of violence that preceded it. Israel initially sought to force Palestinians from their homes and responded to protests with brutal suppression.  The violence then spilled over to Palestinian places of worship, and was then embodied in...
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Over 180 Israeli Intellectuals, Scientists Warn ICC: Don’t Rely on Israel to Probe War Crimes – by Nir Hasson, Haaretz

On March 3, 2021, the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened an investigation into alleged Israel war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt).   The ICC followed with a notification letter requesting clarification on whether the Israeli government intends to investigate the alleged war crimes.  In response, 185 Israeli scientists and intellectuals signed a letter addressed...
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Israeli settlers burn Palestinian lands in northern West Bank – by Akram Al-Waara, Middle East Eye

West Bank Palestinians frequently experience systematic violence and other forms of intimidation at the hands of Jewish-Israeli settlers who seek to drive them off their land.  The United Nations humanitarian office (OCHA) has reported 127 confirmed settler attacks against Palestinians and their property in this year alone. In one such attack, on the evening of May...
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Palestinians hope to stop Easter day evictions in Jerusalem – by Jeff Wright, Mondoweiss

Around 16 families and a total of 195 Palestinians, (including 70 children), are threatened to be evicted from their homes in two occupied East Jerusalem neighborhoods, Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.  Michael Lynk, a UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, called for the displacement orders to be reversed, and...
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Israeli mobs chant ‘Death to Arabs’ in night of violence in Jerusalem – by Yumna Patel, Mondoweiss

On April 22, hundreds of Israeli demonstrators in Jerusalem’s Old City chanted “Death to Arabs” and “May your village burn” and called on Jews to take up arms. Israeli media reported demonstrators were “looking for Arabs” who they could violently attack. Video footage uploaded to social media showed Palestinian pedestrians being harassed and attacked, and rocks being thrown...
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Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Palestinian Appeal to Establish School – Middle East Eye

Israel’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal to establish an Arabic school in Nof HaGalil, a town in the north of Israel on April 20.  Over a third (37 percent) of the town’s students are Palestinian citizens of Israel whose mother tongue is Arabic. Palestinian citizens of Israel have increasingly been deprived of their rights since...
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Israel Again Demolishes Al-Araqeeb Village – Middle East Monitor

Al-Araqeeb, a Palestinian Bedouin village in the southern Negev region of Israel, has been demolished by the Israeli army for the 186th time, and for the 11th time since the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic in March 2020. These repeated demolitions have continued as part of the Prawer Plan,...
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