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Apartheid Library

The contents of the library are categorized according to the definition of apartheid in article II of the Apartheid Convention, the ‘inhuman acts’ in article II, and the international responsibility outlined in articles III and IV. The first section houses literature examining the foundations of apartheid – its institutionalization and intentionality, the second is looking at the international responsibility, and new visions post-apartheid. While the remaining 9 sections are the primary ‘inhuman acts’ used by the Israeli regime today; other ‘inhuman acts’ exist.

Legal Foundation, Zionist Institutions, Institutional Injustice, Intentional domination
States’ Duty to Prevent, States’ Obligation to Punish, Economic Boycott and Sanction, UN to End Apartheid, Multi-Ethnic State

Inhuman Acts

Jews vs. Non-Jews = Return vs. Forced Refugee = Nationality vs. Citizenship or Stateless
Absentee Property Law, House Demolitions, Planning & Zoning, Settlements
Checkpoint, walls, permits, separate roads, access to Jerusalem, Closure of Gaza, Seam Zone
Negev Planning & Zoning, Population transfers, Denied Family Unification, Restrictive IDs
Education: School Attacks and Closures, Discrimination in East Jerusalem, Work: Exploitation, Job Limitation, Health: Denial of Healthcare
Murders, Ethnic Cleansing, Assassinations, Illegal torture
Illegal Imprisonment, Discriminatory Administrative Detention, Torture
Collective punishment, Denial Freedom of Expression, Intimidating Activists, Ill-treating Reporters on HR Violations, Targeting Journalists, Racist Hate Speech, Harassment

The categories above are based on the Apartheid Convention’s articles II, III, IV, but primarily the ‘Inhuman Acts’ listed in article II