Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

The Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel

The definition of Israel as “the Jewish State” or “the State of the Jewish People” makes inequality a practical, political and ideological reality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are marginalized and discriminated against by the state on the basis of their national belonging and religious affiliation as non-Jews. Additionally, the Palestinian minority is not...
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From Al-Araqib to Susiya

Forced Displacement on Both Sides of the Green Line Adalah captures the stories of two Palestinian villages, Al-Araqib and Susiya — one in Israel, one in the West Bank — that share a single story of struggle against forced displacement. For more info… Read a Factsheet: Read Position Paper Want to help? Sign...
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The Accused – Part II: Failures and Omissions by the Attorney General in Investigating the October 2000 Events

The Attorney General’s decision maintained the absolute immunity granted by Mahash to the police officers implicated in the lethal shootings of 13 Arab citizens of Israel in October 2000. By endorsing Mahash’s decision and notwithstanding its grave failings, the Attorney General establishes low and inappropriate standards for the authorities’ duty to investigate and indict those...
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New Discriminatory Laws and Bills in Israel

“This short paper provides a list of 20 main new laws and currently-tabled bills that discriminate against the Palestinian minority in Israel and threaten their rights as citizens of the state, and in some cases harm the rights of Palestinian residents of the OPT. While this paper does not cover the entire body of discriminatory and/or...
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The Democratic Constitution

“In recent years, Israeli groups have put forward several constitutions for the state of Israel. However, these proposals are distinguished by their lack of conformity to democratic principles, in particular the right to complete equality of all residents and citizens, and by their treatment of Arab citizens as if they were strangers in this land.” These proposals...
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