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Partnership with IPS


While the greatest responsibility in the fight against apartheid rests with governments, under international law, individuals and civil society play a major role in dismantling apartheid regimes.  Learning from the South African experience, AARDi is looking to replicate the success and establish partnerships with like-minded civil society organizations and research institutions to combat, yet another apartheid regime: the Israeli apartheid regime.

A Comprehensive Information Portal on Israeli Apartheid

In December 2020, AARDi forged a partnership with the Institute for Palestine Studies, to implement a joint project entitled “A Comprehensive Information Portal on Israeli Apartheid”.

The project aims to create an integrated database on Israeli Apartheid, conduct relevant research and cognitive studies on the matter, and raise awareness about its nature and impact. The project activities include the production of a series of scientific research and surveys, fact sheets, position papers, and digital publications on Israeli apartheid and Palestinian human rights, in addition to holding seminars, lectures, conferences and closed meetings. Within the framework of the project, a team will be formed for the periodic monitoring of the Israeli Apartheid regime, and periodic reports will be prepared on the matter.

This project will look into all Israeli policies and practices that discriminate against Palestinians on the basis of race, religion and ethnic origins, including policies that prevent the return of Palestinian refugees to their land and policies that subject Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship to institutional and systematic discrimination.

The papers and briefs produced by the project will be of great benefit to civil society organizations working in the field of restoring Palestinian rights and combating apartheid such as boycott committees, professional unions, academic bodies, development organizations, human rights organizations and others.  

For both Palestinians and Israelis, the project will assist in strengthening the resistance to the Israeli apartheid regime, amplifying the voice of its victims, and reinforcing the efforts to dismantle it through legal, official and civil efforts.