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Apartheid Wall

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Various terms used to describe the complex of fences, ditches, razor wire, groomed trace sands, electronic monitoring system and patrol roads, 8–9 m-high concrete slabs, forming a physical separation between Settler colonies and Palestinian communities across the West Bank and through Jerusalem. Approximately 85% of the route, revised in June 2004, meanders up to 22 km into Palestinian territory. It runs through populated, agricultural and natural areas, severing access to roads, agricultural lands and services that the Palestinians depend on. Many in Palestine and the international community have accused Israel of designing the barrier route so as to annex the most possible Palestinian land and water resources. The International Court of Justice issues its Advisory Opinion determining the entire construction to be illegal. The Court called for its removal, for restitution and compensation for incurred losses, and "that all States are under an obligation not to recognize the illegal situation arising from the construction of the wall, not to render aid or assistance in maintaining that situation and to cooperate with a view to putting an end to the alleged violations and to ensuring that reparation will be made therefor” (para. 146.). In accordance with the ICJ Advisory Opinion, this report uses the term "Wall” throughout.

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