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The Coalition


While the greatest responsibility in the fight against apartheid rests with governments, under international law, individuals and civil society play a major role in dismantling apartheid regimes.  Learning from the South African experience, AARDi is looking to replicate the success and establish an international coalition to combat, yet another apartheid regime: the Israeli apartheid regime.  The coalition will include civil society organizations working in the field of restoring Palestinian rights and combating apartheid such as boycott committees, professional unions, academic bodies, development organizations, human rights organizations and others.  

In South Africa, civil society organizations served to combat apartheid by raising public awareness of their internationally recognized rights, supporting mass organizations in their struggle against apartheid, and forming alliances with international human rights organizations and popular movements to expose and increase pressure on regime crimes. 

For both Palestinians and Israelis, the coalition would serve to form a critical mass of pressure on the Israeli apartheid regime and support the Palestinian struggle to remove the apartheid regime.


The coalition seeks to strengthen the resistance to the Israeli apartheid regime, amplify its voice and toughen/reinforce the efforts to dismantle it through legal, official and civil efforts.


  • Increasing pressure on Israel to dismantle the apartheid regime, by supporting civil and official initiatives, including the boycott, withdrawal of investments and sanctions efforts.
  • Amplifying the voice of the victims of apartheid in regards to the systematically committed crimes of apartheid through the member’s audiences and other key stakeholders that include official and non-governmental bodies.
  • Strengthening the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli apartheid regime and its quest for justice by supporting civil and official initiatives, including organisations that fight the various inhuman acts.
  • Collectively holding the Israeli regime and its officials legally accountable for the crime of apartheid in national and international courts.


The Coalition consists of bodies and individuals who meet the following relevant requirements:

The bodies should be non-governmental, including associations, unions, unions, and other forms of non-governmental work.

Committed to the principles and authority of the Coalition in its work and related principles.

Combating the Israeli apartheid regime, its tools, and manifestations, completely or partially, and supporting the Palestinian people in general, should be part of their work.