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New poll: A quarter of U.S. Jews believe Israel is apartheid state – by Michael Arria, Mondoweiss

Between June 28 – July 1, the Jewish Electorate Institute conducted a survey of 800 Jewish voters across the U.S, with the aim of gaining a better insight into the views of U.S. Jews. It found exactly a quarter think Israel is an apartheid state; almost a third (34 percent) believe Israeli and U.S. racism are comparable; and just under a quarter (22 percent) claim Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.  Mondoweiss observes that when the figures are disaggregated to only include those under 40, the percentage of respondents in each category increases to 38, 43 and 33 percent respectively.

While almost three-quarters (71 percent) support the sending of U.S aid to Israel, this dropped to 60 percent of those under 40 years-of-age. Just short of two-thirds (58 percent) of all respondents believe that U.S. aid should include the condition that it will not be used to fund settlement expansion.

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