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“Israel is an apartheid state so US should stop aid, say Americans in poll” – Middle East Monitor

In response to a poll asking whether, in light of the B’Tselem report, Israel should be a leading recipient of US aid, 38.1 per cent said that Israel should not be a leading recipient of aid, while 33 per cent said that it should continue to receive $3.8 billion per annum from Washington.

The poll is carried out in preparation of the annual IsraelLobbyCon conference on 17 and 24 April, with this year’s theme of “End US Support for Israeli Apartheid?” co-organised by IRmep and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs to “explore[s] the latest research, innovations and tactics for countering the Israel lobby’s damaging policies in the US and around the globe.”

The rise in the number of responses stating the necessity to decrease or stop aid to Israel falls within the international responsibility of countries under article IV of the Apartheid Convention which dictates that State parties should adopt necessary measures to suppress as well as prevent any encouragement of the crime of apartheid and similar segregationist policies.

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