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In this outstanding novel, Abulhawa narrates the story of Nahr, a Palestinian refugee who, despite learning from an early age that she is a second-class citizen, continues to dream of love and acceptance. She arrives in Palestine via Kuwait and Amman, and endures a suffocating confinement that steals the best years of her life and entraps her beloved homeland.

Having already won the 2020 Palestine Book Awards for fiction and been selected as a finalist in the 2021 Aspen Words Literary Prize, Against the Loveless World had already received considerable acclaim. Alice Walker, a Pulitzer Prize winner, added another in a long list of positive reviews when she observed how the author “looks into the darkest cervises of lives, conflicts, horrendous injustices, and dares to shine light that can illuminate hidden worlds for us”.

And Nur Masalha, a judge on the panel of the 2020 Palestine Book Awards, observed how “[t]his deeply researched work of imagination sheds new light on dark corners and dark regimes. It gives an insight into the life of the marginalised and victims of persecution and those who navigate with dignity through oppression, from Kuwait during the Gulf War to Palestine under ongoing Israel occupation”.

  • Publication date: July 2020
  • ISBN: 9781526618795