Based on historical foundations, the book by Dr. Nadim Rouhana examines the approach in which Israel institutionalizes ethnic privileging among its nationally diverse citizens. Contributors to this book discuss the paradoxes of democratic claims in ethnic states, and the dynamics of social conflict in the absence of equality. This book advances a new understanding of Israel’s approach to its Palestinian citizens, covers the broadest range of areas in which Jew and Arabs are institutionally differentiated along an ethnic basis, and clarifies the psychopolitical foundations of ethnic privileges.

  • Edited by Nadim N. Rouhana
  • Assisted by Sahar S. Huneidi
  • Keywords: Ethnic Privileges, Apartheid, Zionism, Peace, Minority, Green Line, Settler-Colonial, Surveillance, Segregation System, Citizens, non-Jewish, Palestinian, Israeli Military Rule, Military Rule

This book is accessible through Cambridge University Press