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Editorial Board

Working Paper Series

IPS-AARDi Series of Working Papers on Israeli Apartheid

The Institute for Palestine Studies and AARDi have entered into a partnership to produce a series of working papers on the topic of Israeli apartheid.  Each working paper will tackle a particular focus or theme under this general heading.  Some monographs in the series will be commissioned while others will be solicited on the basis of calls for papers.  In either case, they will be expected to adhere to the following submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Working papers should be 5,000-10,000 words in length and should conform to the most rigorous academic standards.  They should be of sufficient quality to be publishable in a peer-reviewed academic journal and will be considered for publication either in the IPS series of monographs, Current Issues in Depth, or one of the IPS English-language journals, Journal of Palestine Studies and Jerusalem Quarterly, or in some other format.

All submissions will be peer reviewed and decisions on submitted manuscripts will be final.  The series editors reserve the right to make decisions on publication without providing a detailed justification.

Submitted texts should be thoroughly copy-edited before submission to eliminate any typographical errors, stylistic infelicities, inconsistencies, and bibliographic mistakes.  All submissions should adopt a consistent style and system of bibliographic reference.

Manuscripts should adhere to standards of academic discourse and should not engage in polemics or use offensive or defamatory language.

Manuscripts must be original work and cannot be simultaneously submitted to academic journals or other venues, or have been previously published elsewhere.  Upon publication, copyright will be transferred to IPS and AARDi.

IPS and AARDi reserve the right to redact some working papers into shorter policy briefs for distribution to a broad public, including non-governmental organizations, policymakers, journalists, and others.

If manuscripts are found not to adhere to these guidelines they will be returned to authors for revision before resubmission.

Editorial Committee

Muhammad Ali Khalidi

Sahar Huneidi

Ala Jaradat

Khaled Farraj

Munir Fakhereldin

Stephen Bennett