Racism of Israel… Palestinians of 1948 as a model

"Racism of Israel… Palestinians 48 as a model" book, published by Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, discuss the religious and structural roots of Israeli racism towards Arab 48, based on United Nations and international conferences’ resolutions that considered Zionism as a form of racism. It stated the United Nations resolution in this regard is based on the facts and events that were proved by the United Nations committees in various human rights’ fields.

The book begins with racism term and its connection with Israeli occupation, which is considered by book, prepared by Abbas Ismail, edited by Dr. Mohsen Saleh, Yasser Ali, and Mariam Itany, "a model for a politically, socially and legally racist state and society.

The book also discussed the religious background of Zionist racism, explaining the manifestations of this racism. It considered Judaism as a national and religion at the same time, and the Zionist movement is based on Jewish root in its call for settlement on Palestinian lands, through stressing the religious and historical right in the so-called ‘Land of Israel".

The book reviewed number of racist statements of Zionist figures towards Arabs in general, and Palestinian in particular, in the recent years. It saw that they reflect the reality, the feelings and the racist view towards Arabs. The provided examples included statements of politicians, intellectuals, media personnel, academic persons and clerics. From these examples, Israeli Housing minister Effi Eitam described Palestinians 48 as a "time bomb, an existential threat like cancer, and fifth column" in an interview with Haaretz published on 22 March 2002. It also discussed forced displacement of Palestinians from their lands, stating that it is a popular idea in Israel that is still very popular and supported among Israelis until today. It recalled that it caused the deportation of more than 800 thousand Palestinians from their land in 1948, through more than 30 documented massacres, destruction on 530 Palestinian villages and direct orders from the leaders and soldiers to the unarmed citizens.    

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