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One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

Clear-eyed, sharply reasoned, and compassionate, Ali Abunimah proposes a visionary alternative to the two state solution: to revive the neglected idea of one state shared by two peoples. The author demonstrates that both people are so intertwined by now—geographically and economically—that separation cannot lead to the security Israelis need or the rights Palestinians must have. Taking on the objections and taboos that stand in the way of a binational solution, he demonstrates that sharing the territory will bring benefits for all.

The absence of other workable options has only led to ever- greater extremism. It is time, Abunimah argues, for Palestinians and Israelis to imagine a different future and a different relationship.

  • By Ali Abu Nimah
  • Publisher: Metropolitan Books
  • Publication date: August 2007 
  • ISBN: 9780805086669
  • Keywords: West Bank, Gaza disengagement, East Jerusalem, one state, peace process, Zionist idea

The book is accessible through Metropolitan Books