“A Scion of Zionist Aristocracy Wants to Quit the Jewish People. Will Israel Let Him?” – by Ravit Hecht, Haaretz

“‘Avrum,’ as he’s widely known, is out to discard one title: his designation as a Jew according to the population registry of the Interior Ministry. In an affidavit he will submit to the Jerusalem District Court, Burg writes that he no longer considers himself as belonging to the Jewish nationality. He adds that his conscience does...
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“Israel’s Refusal to Test Its Arab Population for COVID-19 Is a Ticking Time-Bomb” – Dr. Nihaya Daoud, Haaretz

Israel is not treating its citizens as equal but rather privilege based on race. But using privilege to also test for COVID-19: a basic right and need during this global health crisis is a grave breach of humanity and a clear ‘inhuman act’ of an apartheid regime.
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Israel’s Absentee Property Law Exposes an Absence of Morality in Jerusalem – Haaretz

Upholding a 63-year-old law allowing Israel to confiscate Palestinian-owned property homes in Jerusalem is a clear act of apartheid. It is uprooting the indigenous Palestinians from their ancestral land.
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