January 12, 2021

“Israel’s Vaccination Drive Is Going Great. But We’re Being Sidelined” – by Mustafa Barghouti, The New York Times

“[Israel] is on track to vaccinate 25 percent of its population by the end of January and every Israeli by the end of March. This includes about 600,000 settlers, who, according to international law, are illegally living in the West Bank, but who hold Israeli passports. They will receive the vaccine in the coming days while about three million...
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A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid

This paper analyses how the Israeli regime works to advance its goals in the entire area under its control: between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. In this area, the Israeli regime implements laws, practices and state violence designed to cement the supremacy of one group – Jews – over another – Palestinians. A...
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“Israel’s Vaccine Success Can’t Hide a Deeper Divide” – by Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post

“[A]round a third of the 14 million people living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are not included in this vaccination campaign. Israel has distributed vaccines to Jewish settlers in the West Bank, but not to Palestinians there or in the cramped, impoverished Gaza Strip.” A clear and transparent illustration of how Israeli lives...
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“We are Israel’s largest human rights group – and we are calling this apartheid” – by Hagai El-Ad, The Guardian

“One cannot live a single day in Israel-Palestine without the sense that this place is constantly being engineered to privilege one people, and one people only: the Jewish people. Yet half of those living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are Palestinian. The chasm between these lived realities fills the air, bleeds, is...
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